SynchroMuse Tutorial

Complete, step-by-step instructions for creating your own SynchroMuse CDs. Includes a completed example
SynchroMuse Tutorial (1460 downloads)

Installing Procyon Editor

This tutorial demonstrates how to install the USB driver and Editor for your Procyon AVS system. With thanks to video creator, Scott Hendrickson.

Troubleshooting Procyon Editor Install

Troubleshooting. If you’ve had any trouble installing your Procyon or ThoughtStream USB driver, this video from Scott Hendrickson is a must-see.

Visual Segment Designer for Procyon

The Visual Segment Designer is an Excel Spreadsheet that visually shows how a Procyon session will look before creating it on the editor. This is a three part tutorial by Scott Hendrickson on how to use the Visual Segment Designer template for Excel 2007, which was created by Procyon user Mark Turney.