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Thread: Procyon with Laxman goggles

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    I bought glasses Laxman are compatible with the Procyon and is simply wonderful. I recommend it to all those who have Procyon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Note that only the older Rev1 and Rev2 Procyon have a compatible connector for the Laxman lightframes.
    Due to some problems with that connector, we have gone to a 3.5mm TRRS connector for the now-shipping Rev3 Procyon.
    The Laxmans should still work with the Rev3 Procyon, but the connector on the 3rd party frames would need to be modified to fit the Procyon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karmax View Post
    I bought glasses Laxman are compatible with the Procyon and is simply wonderful. I recommend it to all those who have Procyon
    Can mindplace comment on whether they are definitely compatible/correct power / etc???

    Karmax - can you also tell us where you ordered the laxman goggles separately ?


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    All I can say for compatibility is that everything seems to work perfectly! (Rev1 and Rev2 ONLY!)
    I bought the glasses at laxman Neurotronics in germany.
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    I was surprised to learn that the Laxman glasses are compatible with the Procyon--same connector, same RGB mapping! We don't have specs for the Laxman goggles, but I do have a laxman and confirm that their goggles work with my Procyon.

    We actually have a preproduction prototype of eyes-open glasses in our shop--not as elegant looking as the Laxman, but the illumination is even across the surface, unlike the Laxman, which has 'hot spots' where the LEDs illuminate the edge-lit display. I remember telling Markus Klose that I thought edge-lighting was worth pursuing back in 2003, and he liked the idea so much that he patented it in Europe...


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    Interesting stuff - guessing you mean you have the open eye prototype in your workshop and not the online store for sale

    Thanks for the info
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    what is the differenc, betewn a session with closed eyes and opened?

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    The differences are in color and effects that are increased tenfold!
    I see a lot more effects and colors are beautiful and pr?cises. The Procyon sessions are fantastic with these Laxman googles!

    But this is my personal experience, everyone is different.
    If others have tried to put your comments!

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    There's no doubt that the Laxman goggles make a great team with the Procyon.

    The biggest thing with full-colour open-eye is, well, it's the colours. The Procyon with standard glasses does an astonishing job of giving a full colour experience through closed eyelids, but to get a true colour experience, that red filter just has to be lifted.

    Apart from asymmetrical stimulation with the very few glasses that provide split visual field illumination, I would say open-eye is really just for fun and experimentation. In terms of raw effectiveness, I have found eyes-closed consistently on top. I find it quite tiring keeping my eyes open through most sessions, so I tend to only use open-eye for relatively short sessions.

    There's a post on my blog that offers a very simple and bodgy way to experience open-eye effects with standard Procyon (or other) glasses...


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    I would add that using the laxman googles eyes open with music of your choice and a session like the 45 is a great experience!
    And I can easily keep my eyes open for 30 minutes.

    Regarding AudioStrobe of relaxation is difficult to keep your eyes open because I became sleepy. At that time I close my eyes and I get the same effect as the standard glasses.

    I like having the choice between the two methods eyes open or closed and I am very satisfied with the Procyon and glasses laxman two excellent products!

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    I've experimented with open eye visuals using both halved ping pong balls and white mylar behind the Procyon glasses.

    I find at slower frequencies the colours are more vivid and of course blue /purple effects are much superior to eyes closed. I find however that the visual effects are much more spurius , less structured and detailed ( thats me anyway ) and I find it very hard to keep my eyes open if it is an eveneing session. At least for relaxation, closing your eyes is the most effective thing that you can do, so there is a contradiction there if you have to try to keep your eyes open.

    I would love to have a comfortable commercial pair of open eye glasses , but I think I would only be using them for 20% of my AVS time.


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