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Thread: Sound effects on Proteus avaialable on Procyon?

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    Default Sound effects on Proteus avaialable on Procyon?

    I just recieved my Procyon a few days ago and have been familiarizng myself with its features. I am a former owner of a Proteus and have noticed that the programs on the Procyon do not have the same audio transition effects between segments the Proteus has. I personally find the audio segment changes on the Procyon to be abrupt and disruptive to the sessions at times. After looking at the new editor version 2.2 I don't see how the effects used on the Proteus might be implemented. Am I missing something? If this feature is not currently implemented, are there plans for it to be?

    Also, can you tell me if the Proteus will play amplitude modulated AS created by Neuro Programmer in the manner the new software for the Procyon will?

    Thanks much!

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    Default Re: Sound effects on Proteus avaialable on Procyon?

    Hi, Enoch--

    The Proteus included four different (8 bit) audio waveforms, and a number of the sessions would cycle between them. When we moved to 16 bit audio with the Procyon, we decided to use a single waveform (sine), because it takes up four times as much memory. That is, we decided to increase the amount of memory available for session-segments by sticking with sine waves.

    Some of the audio transitions are actually intended to be abrupt rather than smooth, in particular the ones in which we are trying to keep the user awake or in the hypnagogic state.

    You could open any of the sessions which are problematic for you in the Editor, alter the transitions to your satisfaction, and replace the originals if you wish.

    Hope this helps!


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    Default Re: Sound effects on Proteus avaialable on Procyon?

    Thanks. I think I understand. I believe that part of what I'm missing is the Soft On/Off between segments besides the wave tables. Can this be done to help smooth the segment transitions to create a sort of bridge that blends the two segments for a few seconds?

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