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Thread: Replacing Rev2 Ganzframes

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    I managed to break the glasses frame and discovered that you now no longer sell the 'USB' type. Is there any way to make the later glasses work on the older console? The UK dealer can only offer me a new console and glasses which is an expensive way to go. Is there an adaptor or a bit if wiring I can do so I can just buy the new (later) glasses? The present ones work but are uncomfortable with the wad of sellotape!



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    Hi Chris;

    The connector is not actually a USB connector, but I know what you mean. There are no adapters currently to adapt the new Ganzframes to the older consoles, unfortunately. The connectors on the old consoles did not last all that long anyway, and that is why they were changed on the Rev3.
    I guess if you wanted to, you could purchase a new pair of Ganzframes, cut the connector off and replace it with the old connector from your old Ganzframes. You'd need to meter out the wiring and the wires are very hard to work with (they're like hairs and have no insulation). I wouldn't go that route, personally...

    Contact me through the "Contact Us" link (bottom of page) and I can check to see if any refurbs or old stock is still lying around or if I can come up with a better solution for you.

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