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Robert Austin

  1. DeepVision sessions for the Procyon available now

    Neuroasis created a small group of visual-only sessions for the Procyon DeepVision ganzware. If you are interested in flicker induced visual imagery, these are, in my opinion, generate the most complex visual imagery I've ever experienced with AVS. And, they're free! You can download them from the Procyon support page:



    Updated 01-16-2018 at 07:00 AM by Andy (Link updated.)

    Altered States , AVS , Light and Sound , The Brain
  2. New Procyon review on Youtube

    Greetings, all--

    We've recently learned that Carrie Searley, producer at, has created a Procyon review for their upcoming TV series, "The Unearthly Hour", which she has just posted on youtube.

    She makes the interesting suggestion that the somewhat psychedelic imagery that most of us see when using the Procyon (and other AVS systems) is due to the lights causing the pineal gland to produce small amounts of DMT in the brain...

  3. Introducing the MindPlace Environmental Lighting System

    Imagine using your Procyon or Kasina to turn an entire wall, ceiling, chill room into an open-eyes full color mind machine... or having several people simultaneously share the brightest 'eyes-closed' experience imaginable. Well, now you can do that with our new MindPlace Environmental Lighting System (MELS). We have one set up in our office, and it's most impressive.

    It consists of a custom-designed, 72 watt power supply and a high powered RGB LED array, plus required connecting ...
  4. Procyon Ganzframe output splitter... found!

    We've had trouble locating true 4 conductor splitter cables for the Procyon, most such cables take the 4 conductor plug and split into two 3 conductor jacks, as with microphone+headphone outputs from Apple products. But I found someone in Korea who makes these and sells them on eBay, so I ordered one... works like a charm, and is well made. He's charging $9.95 plus $2.50 shipping; mine arrived in about ten days. His user name is acc3658, and he calls it '3.5mm 4 conductor 4 pole 3 ring Male-Female ...
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