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Thread: Biofeedback Devices - question 1

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    Default Biofeedback Devices - question 1

    Hi, People

    I joint this forum to ask questions about this light and sound devices, and decide what device to buy.
    It seems that the only device that has a feedback embed is the "ThoughtStream" because it generates signal and measure the results.
    I downloaded the "ThoughtStream USB Manual" from mindplacesupport website, and under feedback options page 7, it says :
    "ThoughtStream USB gives you the advantage of simultaneous visual and auditory feedback."
    I a little confuse, I thought the auditory signal coming from the earphones into the ears, was to excitate the brain and force the brain into a specific wave form (beta, alpha, teta and delta). And the hand sensor is capturing the Skin Response resistivity and feeding it back to the device.
    The device would then correct the auditory signal (sound frequency, pitch, etc.) to control the skin response.
    (1)Skin(resistivity) --> (2)sensor --> (3)device(controls) --> (4)earsphones(sound) --> (5)Brain(waves) --> (6)Body-Skin --> back to (1)
    Is there any material that explain exactly how the device "ThoughtStream" works ?


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    Default Re: Biofeedback Devices - question 1

    Hi Tomaz,
    The audio on the ThoughtStream is for feedback. The pitch of the audio (how high or low) lets you know the progression of your relaxation session. So, ideally, the pitch starts at a higher level and as you relax it lowers.

    The audio works in conjunction with the graph colors on the ThoughtStream unit. This is the visual part. The ThoughtStream also has computer software that can graph and map the readings. It is in recent active development with new versions for Windows and Mac being released and improved.

    The ThoughtStream does not 'influence' the readings in any way, either by audio or visual stimulation. Well, actually there is a game system for it called Mental Games but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Part of the development effort of future software releases will have more updated and extensive visual feedback.

    So, it is best to think of the ThoughtStream as a sensor and a monitor. It measures the moisture in the skin, aka galvanic skin response. As you relax the moisture decreases, think sweaty palms when you are stressed or nervous. It is a very sensitive and precise instrument, so very small changes are captured.

    The ThoughtStream does plug directly into our Proteus mind machine. With that combination feedback is provided that both influences the reading and displays it with light color, flicker frequency, audio pitch, audio entrainment speed, etc. Many possible combinations. There are 14 programs designed for using the Proteus along with the ThoughtStream.

    If you wish to use the ThoughtStream with our other machines then additional third party software is the best way to go. NeuroProgrammer or Mind Workstation from Transparent Corp. are the most deeply compatible and what we recommend.

    In summary, the ThoughtStream can operate standalone as a monitor or connected to a computer. It also has the unique ability to connect to our Proteus mind machine. It is supported by the industry leading software packages as well. This makes it the most versatile unit on the market for GSR biofeedback.

    Hope this helps,
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    Default Re: Biofeedback Devices - question 1

    Neuroasis, Thank you !

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