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GNaural SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe templates

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Attached are templates that allow you to create SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe in the free GNaural application.

These templates provide the basic elements for SpectraStrobe: Red, Green and Blue tone tracks and the SpectraStrobe reference track. Do not alter the base frequency of any of these tracks because it is this frequency that creates the light signals. For the reference track do not change anything. Note the volume of light tracks need to be low. An ideal balance has been set so you won't want to go higher than this. If you go lower it alters the brightness and balance of the lights. This is how you create color mixes.

AudioStrobe only requires one track. The Left and Right pan of this track either selects between 1 of 2 light colors (ie Red and Green) or sets the pan of the light signal. The effect depends on the machine you are using. All curent MindPlace machines interpret AS channels as selecting color. On the Kasina with ColorSets you can pick the mode you want.

Using these templates you can create light and sound sessions in an easy, accessible manner. Add audio files or other sound entrainment tracks to make full sensory stimulation track. And please share them here on the forum.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Jameth's Avatar
    Quote - " All curent MindPlace machines interpret AS channels as selecting color. On the Kasina with ColorSets you can pick the mode you want."

    So I guess that kind of means that the Kasina, which defaults to colorset 1, which is RGB both eyes, essentially allows you to decode Audiostrobe in a much different matter (and in a way no other device can) then any other audiostrobe device when in that type of mode?

    Or to put it another way, when I have been doing AudioStrobe sessions, in mode 1, I am experiencing different visual effects then were intended originally on an AS device?
  2. neuroasis's Avatar
    Yes, especially in the sense that AudioStrobe is only 2 channels (left and right). Thus, all other AS devices use only 2 lights. The Kasina introduced ColorSets to overcome this limitation. You can map 2 sets of colors as you like, covering all methods previously used to decode AS. Or you can use the random sets to utilize all of the lights algorithmically.

    SpectraStrobe was introduced with the Kasina to overcome all of the limitations of AudioStrobe and allow full control of all 6 light channels (RGB - LR).
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