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Thread: Need help with New session creation

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    Default Need help with New session creation

    Greetings to everybody!

    I want to create a new session to fight alcohol addiction. I have already make myself familiar with the AVC editor and able to use it. I have found (following links from this forum) Brainwave Frequency Listing and found there the the following line
    0.28 - 2.15 - Alcohol addiction [AT]. Now I want to understand how to use this to create a session for Procyon. Could anybody enlighten me?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Need help with New session creation


    The frequency off the Lunarsight page wouldn't be my first choice. Many of the frequencies there have been derived by non-empirical means, or are intended to be applied in ways other than light/sound.

    Alpha/theta has a good track record for addiction treatment - try Googling "alpha theta addiction" for a heap of good information. Note that a lot of this material deals with neurofeedback - while AV stimulus isn't the same by any means, information on frequencies and parts of the brain affected are relevant.


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    I recently created a Alpha-based Procyon session that would be ideal for any addiction problem. You can always take this one and modify it.

    What the studies have found is that people with addiction problems tend to be "deficient" in Alpha waves. While one specific frequency (for example, 10 Hz) may work well on one person, another frequency in the Alpha range may work better for someone else - which is why it's a good idea to have a program that targets all the frequencies in the Alpha range.

    The reason why Alpha is the big winner here is because it is within that range of frequencies that the brain releases serotonin. People with addiction problems tend to also be low on serotonin, which is why antidepressants can be really helpful as well. Your brain may produce enough serotonin but the uptake enzymes may be over active and antidepressants block some of the uptake "valves" which causes more serotonin to stay in your system.

    There is quite a bit of information on this forum regarding addictions. If you type "addiction" into the forum's search engine, you will find all kinds of conversations regarding alcoholism (and other addictions) and brain wave therapy.

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