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Thread: Suggestions for getting the best from AVS

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post
    Hi Saskia,

    Yikes - someone who pays attention to suggestions!
    Oops, sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post has a table which gives the target frequencies of the sessions.
    These are Procyon sessions and I have a Proteus here, but it looks like they are more or less interchangeable. The names look very familiar.

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post
    As you can see, there are many that target alpha/SMR. From their names you can deduce which are intended to be relaxing and which are intended to be energising. Feel free to swap and change within the range, but choose the sessions according to the time of day, or what you're wanting to do immediately after the session.
    A very useful table, thank you. I was using the session-frequencies one so far, but this gives more direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post
    As far as I'm concerned, general relaxation is an excellent goal.
    Well, enlightenment is next, of course

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post
    The vast majority of my results have been achieved with alpha, both for plain relaxation and also as a calm environment in which to contemplate my life, past present and future and make the changes necessary.
    Alpha provides a great combination of relaxation and awakeness. I've spent many an hour practicing it with the Silva method. Lower frequencies have their own advantages but when I'm very tired I tend to fall asleep.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for getting the best from AVS

    Sorry, there's similar tables for the Proteus here, in case you haven't already found them.

    Ahhh, yes, enlightenment. I wonder what that will feel like?

    It's exciting finding how you respond to different sessions and observing the changes. I work on the basis that if I fall asleep, I obviously needed sleep more than I needed a session. The jury is still out on just how much effect a session will have while asleep, but my experiments with all-night sleep cycle sessions suggest that it certainly gets in.


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    Fantastically realistic post Craig. Very helpful indeed.
    I have got a Proteus and wondering whether to invest in a Procion. You mention the colours being a complete joy!....well that sounds wonderful. My glasses that came with my 2006 Proteus got broken so I am going to replace them with the new Red/green Ganzframes but I was sowndering if I would better to try a pair of blue/ red ganzframes with my Proteus instead of going to the expense of a Procyon?
    I do fancy the new system that can syncronise the music of an mp3 to the lights but if most of the other programs are mostly the same as the Proteus.....I am in a bit of a dilemna.
    I do fancy the blue green colour effects from the soothing effects on the brain as mostly I need to be soothed and I understand that due to its composition the Procyon can deliver many more colours...but are they actually as brilliant and jewel like as I hope?

    Money is an issue with me but enjoyment of using a product will make me more consistent with using it. What do you suggest?

    Many thanks
    Life is but a dream

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    Question Re: Suggestions for getting the best from AVS


    10. Make sure you're attempting to solve the right problem. If you're wanting to increase your focus and concentration, beta might help, but not if you're only getting 4 hours sleep. If you're wanting to deal with depression, you'll need to know if you're particular depression is a slow wave disorder that responds well to SMR/beta, or whether it is more cognitively based, in which case alpha/theta introspection may well be more useful. ADHD has captured the headlines, and I strongly suspect there's a lot of people trying to treat themselves for ADHD who should actually be looking at non-pathological laziness and procrastination - AVS can be helpful for either, but the strategies are very different.
    I have both a Proteus and a Thoughtstream both I have used separately for fun and relaxation in the past. Now my life is more serious I've all the symptoms for Adult ADD but, as you wrote, maybe I should be looking at non-pathological procrastination. What sessions do you recommend for either Proteus, Thoughtstream or both?

    Many thanks,

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    Hello Craig, I appreciate the time you put into this! I have been overthinking all of it and I need to just mellow out and use my machine (I had one years ago that I used only as programmed). I do have specific purposes in mind now though. My mom has Alzheimer's and my sisters and I are all showing the early signs. With the release of the study in December from MIT concerning light therapy and Alzheimer's, I feel the need to use the Gamma wave in much of what I do. I primarially want to have some sessions for my mom to use, in the hope that we will see at least some improvement. But I have spent close to a hundred hours searching, reading and listening, and have still not found something that really meets my need. The studies show the lights at about 40hz and also music in proper synch can truly make a difference. I want every moment to count when we use this for my mom. Do you have suggestions for me? Thank you very much! Marta

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    Hi, Miss Marta-- our systems can all be programmed to emit 40 Hz flicker - I would suggest abandoning audio at that rate, and the study you reference used just flickering LEDs. So, do have a look at the Editor; the session you would like to create basically would have just three segments (fade in, main body and fade out). The mice experiments used a one hour exposure time, but that might be a bit too long for your mother to start with. That study suggested that the beta flicker stimulation somehow activated glia cells to 'mop up' beta amyloid, which would then presumably be broken down as 'waste'. We'd love to hear what sort of results you might observe!


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    Hello, Robert! Thank you for responding so quickly! I have made a few sessions using the wizard (what a cool tool) so I'm getting the feel for it (but far from feeling comfortable with it). And yes, I agree that an hour session would be much too long to start. She had a 10 min relaxation session the other day and she asked more times that I can remember, "So just what is this supposed to prove?" haha ; ) So of how much benefit is it if, during a relaxation session, she continually talks? I've ordered splitters and extra headphones and glasses so I can sit with her and hopefully if she peeks she will see me relaxing and she will too. I'm attaching another recent study, concerning music (and vibration but I am not even going there yet) at 40 Hz and the benefit to Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. I have read that 40 Hz sound would be annoying, so people multiply the 40 Hz by 2, 4, or more. I don't know anything about this field of study! And other reading brought up the concept of using binaural beats with a difference of 40 beats, to allow the brain to make up the remaining 40 Hz. Thus allowing the brain to do the synchronizing to 40 Hz. So..... there is the question of whether to use binaural or isochronic beats. And one step further is the concept of overlaying the beats with music which is easier to listen to, such as nature sounds or Mozart. My mom loves music, so if I have the music in combination with the light therapy, I believe she will be much more receptive. I realize how important these forums are because I already feel better just knowing someone who is familiar with the light therapy, is within reach. Thank you! Miss Marta

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