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Thread: How Our Mind Works

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    The brain has it's covering and is part of the body as well. But our consciousness and sub-consciousness comes from the mind which has no covering. Is the mind part of the brain or vice versa and could also be mind over the body? Is it possible to have mind over matter within the mind? Where do our thoughts come from our mind or our brain? How is it I hear my thoughts in my head where our mind and brain are? Curious

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    These questions are unanswerable. Every bit of knowledge on this planet has been filtered through a brain. Even so-called prophets and messiahs had brains. Although there are numerous reports of extra sensory experiences and disembodied entities, still the perception of them is filtered through the brains of the witnesses.

    This quandary will never be solved until we meet or manage to create intelligent physical beings (as opposed to thought forms) with anatomical systems totally different than our own. Only then will we know if intelligence is running as an operating system of which the brain provides one example of suitable hardware, and can be ported to other hardware.

    All higher animals have brain-like structures so a brain medium seems to be a requisite.

    We know and can see manifestations of the fact that human creativity and imagination are virtually limitless. We can create amazing stories and works of art. We can also fool ourselves quite easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigT View Post
    Great posts, Marisa!

    I've spent a great deal of time pondering the implications of much of this on our 'free will'.

    Given that our conscious is always acting somewhat after the event, that is to say, working only with material the sub-conscious has already had a go at, it could be said that the only free will we have is to decide what we think about what we've just done.

    Retraining the subconscious to deal with things differently gives us some possibility of changing future outcomes, but it is only after the new 'program' has been tried that we will know if it leads to the hoped-for results.

    Our 'animal' lives in the now, our 'sentience' is a master of hindsight.

    Hey, trying anyone at this stage isn't going to help you unless you help yourself. I am going to tell you how I overcame this. So I too tried researching and seeking people for this but I ended up reading an article of which I'll include the link later, and then coming to realize that I have plenty of other stuff to do and focus on them instead of this. Hope you understand the point and direction. Get well. Article was on Anxietyscope by the name of Neurotic Depression.
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    I find it strange that one can say "It takes two weeks to permanently change a behavior". I usually hear/read that it takes 21 days to change a behavior. But I don't understand why? How can it be that it takes the same duration to change while we are all unique? I don't know if I ever persisted doing a new thing for "that long" but it didn't work for me (so far) to change my workouts and eating habits... If it were that simple, don't you think many more of us would be a better version of ourselves?

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