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Thread: kundalini awakening

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    Quote Originally Posted by neuroasis View Post
    That is so excellent that you have been working with kinesthesiology. That is the right tool for the job in our current understanding. The EFT and TFT forms with 'tapping' are very powerful tools that can be self-applied. And work with a professional is even more beneficial.
    I was planning on getting there eventually in my descriptions but you are already so far down the road. Fantastic!
    For the benefit of others I do have further things to contribute. Please share your insights as well. I promise you...I am definitely not a know-it-all.

    More than a year later and I'm still getting more from your 'small books'. I don't quite fully understand what you are saying (I may need a few more years) but I haven't heard anyone explain the mind in such a perfect way as you have (Perhaps you could write a book?). After rising my kundalini early this year and then spending my time to deal with the high energy input it is so much easier to see the mind diseases remaining in myself and others.

    I have pointed out to people who are complaining about their problems. The reason and the solution is so simple, such as, they are punishing themselves, or holding onto the past problems instead of letting it go and learning, or not understanding the basic laws of the universe that we attract what we are and instead playing victim and trusting the same people with the obvious patterns of malfunction. They are most often in the past and future, constantly interchanging between the two, never accepting the present, never allowing themselves to be here now. Always drowning in erranious mind chatter, when clearly they have exceeded their limit of how productive this way of thinking can really be.

    One personal problem that just became conscious to me is body dysmorphic disorder and the many causes of it and the illusory idea's I have to let go of. It is one thing to be told something by someone, but when you fully realize it within yourself, it is a completely different process and the allowance of the dissolution of the idea almost happens on it's own (perhaps just becoming fully conscious and aware of it is the most important step). I realize now I must meet people who are on a similar path, for those who are in illusion cannot hear your words, they are punishing themselves and others for thing's that are transient and not important. It is a huge waste of energy, thought, time and most importantly, the present moment.

    If people want to consistently complain about their problems. Why won't they accept your resolution? They are complaining because they want a resolution, and yet, they don't accept it! What a waste of time and energy to be around these people!

    Time to meet people who like me, are more hooked up to the internet and downloading the right information.

    I want to ask you what tools you are using for your evolution and for how long you have been using them? I cannot understand the way you understand reality, but it seems quite advanced.

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    a long time ago i found the kundalini resorce center .where the guru sri mataji mermala divi guided u to the kundalini viberation.ive since found that overtone singing ,didjeridoo,or the bull roar are efective means for entering nonordinary states of contious .alo the book beyond the brain by stanaslav G.lays out a way of breathing that is powerfully efective for working through psycological trauma .such as the perry natal incedent.

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    What a great thread! Very informative and refreshing to see so many people interested in this phenomena and it's relationship with Light and Sound machines.

    If you are looking for a quick "tuning fork", to help to get into the mind space we understand to be required for looking in this direction, you may find my image of the process as useful as I do, for contemplation about the nature of collective relationships, and the place for individual detail is all that is required for the whole to take form.

    There is peace in this, just remember to make space to Return every now and then, find a way to be Open. Guide it, influence it, encourage it be the shape you require it to follow. To be it's master is already to have given in to it, as being the master of anything separates the seeker fron truly being one with it.

    Work with it, let it inspire. But to be inspired requires instinct, detachment, and noticing when the tide is high, when changes around you culminate to one point, that's the time to ride the surf and give your intentions the energy of the semiotics.

    Meditation is not the result, it is a path. Enlightnement is just a moment, realisation is bringing that understanding into the world of your mundane. The goal is to change how you experience the world around you as it appears to unfold.

    If the goal is to touch the sense of power a Kundalini experience (of which I am sure there are many), if the goal is to read as much as possible, if you need research, then you have not yet really understood it's nature. To find an interest in human potential is a much safer expression of how the calling of knowledge can be dealt with, if you are driven by the intention to understand the nature of life and death and how it's reflections and symetries are available to certain ways of understanding how mind weaves through matter.

    If this is your goal, then peace is your starting poiint, however you find it.

    I've used many words, but as the Zen philosohpy states; "A finger can point to the moon, but the finger will never be the moon". In other words, words are only symbols of our meanings. These configuarions of light and dark, asssembled into symbolism and form as words, in order to convey the insights of another's mind, are only that, they are guides to help you see the moon.

    I feel that the quest to raise Kundalini is doomed in its nature. To allow for it as part of a spiritual unfolding, by understanding semiotics and timing, by striving to do the right thing (appropriate for you - dharma), which is not always the most obvious thing, this is all it takes.

    There are symptoms long the way, and it is good to have references, but the Quest ends when trust begins, and trust requires observation. Be Open.

    Row, row, row your boat, gently down the Stream,
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream.

    Just contact the dreamer, and the dream will follow through.

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    I have looked and looked through the ego that is the "internet" trying desperately to glean an iota of truth pertaining to the awareness of our own individuality, and it is there for those who truly seek it. I guess what I am trying to say is I feel that truth here stronger than anywhere else I have ventured. I was drawn to this thread through a search for visual entrainment, because I had an epiphany this evening. If binaural beats are achieved through the difference in frequency's between left and right perception can not the same be achieved with stereoscopic using the wavelengths of light?

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    Wow that was epic reading all of the posts. So interesting and informative. I love hearing about people's spiritual journeys and how they have interpreted them. I agree the topic of kundalini got lost a little bit there but I loved the tangents and I'm really interested to revive this thread and hear more people's views.

    I'm also a fan of what Gopi Krishna has done for the critical examination of spiritual experiences. He really started to put the science around the topic. He was also very open to throwing away the dogma, rituals, systems - as most of them came from our poor understanding of physics, biology, neuroscience, etc at those times. Good meaning spiritualist for sure but they interpreted things from a very narrow perspective. Gopi talks about Kundalini experiences being evident across all of the major religions and all the way back to the earliest of religious/shaman activities when we were first evolving from users of basic stone tools to the beginnings of what we now call society. I feel Gopi didn't go far enough in his work and much is to be done, the very label kundalini has specific connotations that probably needs to be replaced with a more apt scientific term.

    I agree that one persons chi could be another persons prana or holy spirit or another interpretation. It seems now experiences like astral travel can now be labelled under the irreligious term 'OBE' and much of the spiritual aspects (soul escaping the body) can be more accurately explained as as a hallucinatory construct based on certain physiological and psychological conditions. Perhaps in time Kundalini rising will lose its mystique and also have a broadly acceptable scientific explanation.

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    Be prepared for your kundalini awakening, as they can be very traumatic. Mine was very traumatic. I was totally unprepared, and had no idea what was going on at the time because I did not try to induce it. But afterward I was in the most peaceful trance state I have ever been in. I totally lost my concept of time. Unfortunately I do not know which frequencies can induce such an experience. Good luck on your quest!

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    Kundalini awakening is too personal, too individual, to genrealize it. Marisa's statements are not a 100% proof that her kundalini is awaken but that she is a very aware person Awakening the kundalini is not a sports thing. "I had awakened my kundalini, after three weeks of meditation. Have you?" (veeaye). That reminds me more to a child than to an adult being who has awakened anything, but his ego? I guess my personal kundalini awakening started 1 1/2 year ago, while listening the first time to binaural beats. It shot from the root straight to my neck where it results in shivering and banging my head from left to right. It scared me and I stopped listening to BBs for weeks. Than I talked to a meditation teacher and he told me what might happened. Then I bought the Procyon and I had the same experience again, straight during the first session (afternoon break). Now I don't have that headshaking anymore. The energy comes very smooth and soft but quite powerfull from my root straight to my frontal lobes where it results in a strong pressure between my eyebrowes. When having it during the night - the night is over. It gives me so much power that I mostly get up to calm down. I love it! Soft awakening is for me the best method. While meditating, while sitting clam, while having a nap. I also coded it with a name (posthypnotic suggestion). Then I trained my subconscious mind to remember that state when it hears the code (the name). That works for me. I can activate it now wherever I want, to power me up, to do my work with more concentration or just to feel good. And there is no kundalini-olympia - god, thanx for that!

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    Read the book Awakened Mind its about biofeedback for meditation & shows the hemispheric EEG patterns displayed in certain meditation states.

    Unfortunalely the two highest phases are secret.

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