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Thread: experiences with your procyon mind machines

  1. Cool experiences with your procyon mind machines

    hi there
    just wondering if any members on this forum have had any real experiences with there mind machines ie. out off body/lucid dreams/mind travel/ and if so which settings were used,,,

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    I am just curious as you for user experiences...Intend to buy a Procyon so it should be great to know some feedback!!!!

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    I'll offer my limited feedback. I have the Procyon for about 2 months now. I really like the unit.

    I had an older Photosonic many years ago that was bulky, noisy and cumbersome to use.

    The Procyon is light portable and flexible (create sessions and music synchronization). And the colors are more varied.

    I use it primarily with my meditation session. Like I've said before I have several CDs that I've used over the past dozen years that I hook in. The addition of the light and the extra beats has added a great effect. I truly am enjoying the addition to my practice.

    I also use a couple of sessions for energy and relaxation when I can.

    All in all I highly recommend the Procyon.

    And sadly I havent had any OOBEs or such...that has never really been my forte so to speak

    My Best


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