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Thread: Problems with the "Complex" sessions download

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    Default Problems with the "Complex" sessions download

    When I installed the "Complex" sessions that I downloaded from I found that if I tried to install them to my User area, they wouldn't transfer to my Proteus. In fact, my LED displays "bAd" everytime I attempt the transfer. I could only transfer the album to my Primary banks - overwriting the original sessions.

    After I successfully installed these sessions to my Primary area, I found that my Primary sessions had grown from 49 to 53 sessions. BONUS??? Not quite.

    After poking around a bit, I found that the five Mindlab Energize sessions had been duplicated so that not only were they sessions 38-42, but they were also repeated as sessions 43-47. The five sleep sessions were also bumped out to sessions 48-52 as a consequence.

    Then Pure Entertainment 1 was dropped off from the Pyrotechnics sessions leaving only Pure Entertainment 2 as session 53.

    Fortunately, I found that I was able to fix all of this by simply editing the Proteus rev.PA2 file with a text editor (such as notepad) to remove the duplicate sessions, and re-enter the missing Pyrotechnic session. Since all of the actual session files were present, it was just a matter of editing the album index - the PA2 file. Maybe this is old news to most of you, but I was certainly glad to find such a simple fix.

    I was a little disappointed to find that there were no actual "installation instructions" for these sessions as mentioned on the download page, altho the installation through the Proteus editor was intuitive enough. I'm still unsure why these files refuse to load into my user banks though.

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    Default Re: Problems with the "Complex" sessions download

    Not sure if this will fix the problems you're having exactly, but you could try an updated version of the editor software.

    You could also try slowing down your serial port as shown here:

    Let us know if that fixes the problem.

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    Default Re: Problems with the "Complex" sessions download

    re: available memory for session downloads.

    There are slightly less than 20000 bytes of memory used for all session data; Primary and User.

    The Primary sessions are stored at the beginning of this block with the User sessions placed so they fit at the end.

    The complex sessions require about 16200 bytes of memory which leaves about 3800 bytes for other sessions.
    The simple 'original' sessions require about 11500 bytes of memory which leaves about 8500 bytes for other sessions.
    Obviously, both won't fit in the Proteus.

    If you try to download User sessions that would attempt to write into the Primary sessions the Proteus detects the overrun and flashes a "bAd" message and the download is aborted.

    If you try and download primary sessions that extend into the User area then the address lookup table for the User sessions is overwritten. Without an intact address table the User mode is not recognized by the Proteus, and no "Uxx" will be displayed. To get the "Uxx" mode back you have to download new sessions to the User area whose overall length will fit into the remaining space.

    When using the Session Editor Program there are two little boxes in the lower right of the Session Manager download window. The top one shows the size of any selected session. The bottom shows the size of all sessions in the right-hand list box. (see attached jpg)

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