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Thread: USB -> RS-232 adaptors

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    Windows 7 x64 - only drivers I could get to work for Tripp Lite Keyspan USB to Serial Device. Current Link to adapter page - (click on support tab and download driver for windows 7 x64 (beta driver)) or direct driver link -

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    Sorry to restart this topic but having dusted off the Thoughtstream (original RS232 version) and installed all the relevant USB software from MP I can't get past 'No Data' on the Thoughtstream USB Software.

    I am using the RS232 to USB adapter on COM4 and the software points to the same. I have an FTDI adapter (FT232R USB UART) - I am using a 64bit ACER with Windows 10.

    please advise - any idea why the device says it functions correctly but I get no data.

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    The question is whether it will work with Windows 10 in principle

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyPhilips View Post
    The question is whether it will work with Windows 10 in principle
    Will what work?
    If you're asking about the USB adapter from MindPlace, then Yes. It works.

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