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    Have a new Limina. How do I set a frequency for my session manually?

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    I don't think you can. You need to play a session. Frequency changes are possible when you make your own session.
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    Press and hold the centre button to switch to manual mode.
    See page 8 in the manual.

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    Manual frequency control refers to the ability to adjust the frequency of an electronic or electrical signal using manual controls.

    In electronics and electrical engineering, frequency control is important in various applications such as signal generators, oscillators, and communication systems. A signal's frequency refers to the number of cycles per second, and it's usually measured in hertz (Hz).

    In some cases, frequency control is achieved using automatic methods such as phase-locked loops (PLLs) or digital signal processing (DSP). However, manual frequency control involves using manual controls such as knobs, switches, or potentiometers to adjust the frequency of a signal.

    Manual frequency control can be useful when working with analog signal generators, audio equipment, or other devices that require fine-tuning of the frequency. In some cases, manual frequency control may be the preferred method over automatic frequency control because it allows for more precise and direct control over the signal's frequency.

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