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Thread: manual mode Limina Session transferred to Procyon

  1. Lightbulb manual mode Limina Session transferred to Procyon

    Greetings, I ordered the Procyon device a few weeks ago, where I assumed that it would still be a great thing and would be fun for me, it has turned out to be a semi great device.

    I would like to have on the device, a session that resembles the session in the Limina with the 0.1 frequency, and just as equal as only goes.
    in the Procyon settings in the tool, I have already set the frequency to 0.1, only it does not work the same as on the Limina device.

    The Limina device runs continuously, without large fluctuations in lighting conditions, and acts very pleasant of the strength.
    The Procyon, runs at the 0.1 frequency for 4 seconds, while it turns off for 2 seconds, and the session runs about 20 seconds like that before it completely runs down and turns off, the light intensity is not exactly the same, and somehow it just doesn't seem as comfortable to me as the limina.

    does anyone of you know the limina settings that could be transferred to the procyon , it would really only go to me in the 0.1 frequency limina session that I would like to have on the procyon , that would be completely sufficient for me with the device .
    The other sessions are just nothing for me , which the Procyon comes with .
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    Default Re: manual mode Limina Session transferred to Procyon

    Please attach the Limina and Procyon sessions so someone can see what you've made.

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