Apologies if this is a very 'newbie' post.

I have read the documentation for the Procyon. It is very Microsoft (100% accurate and totally useless), well maybe that's a little unfair.

I need advice from a user perspective. Basically have this device on loan to (potentially) help my wife relax and get to sleep. There seems to be no or limited instructions on actually using the device as opposed to the technical functionality (which TBF I am not much interested in).

I assume we use the settings 23 - 27 which are Night Voyage. They seem to have blue and green strobing lights. So from a 'user' perspective is this correct (if not feel free to correct):

  1. Lie down and put on the glasses
  2. Select one of the Night Voyage Sessions (say 24 (this will be a 25 minute session to start)
  3. Select (initial) brightness to low
  4. Press Play
  5. Wait.........

So I assume the eyes should be open initially and I also assume that the idea is to get to a relaxed state such that the next step is actually falling asleep.

Yes, I have talked to the practitioner, but appts are 5 weeks apart and it's not until you actually start using the device that you have any context for questions.

Further, there is what appears to be a black and white set of Gazframes. What is their purpose as opposed to the colour ones?

Again, apologies for the newbie user question, but I'd like to get going with this for its intended purpose, getting to sleep.