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Thread: Kasina Ganzframes loose connection

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    Hi all.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem - my Kasina Ganzframes have developed a faulty connection where the lead attaches inside the eyepiece. It's not completely broken so if I jiggle the wire it will work for a bit, but any movement causes it to lose the connection. They are 2 years old. Is it possible to open the frame case and resolder the connection without causing further damage? I'm hoping a complete replacement isn't the only solution.
    Cheers, Peter.

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    You can try if you are handy at that kind of thing. Ganzframes are only warrantied for a year, consoles 2 years, so you have nothing to lose.

    This kind of thing happens when people wind the wire tightly around the frame to store, or if the wire gets snagged on something. It is best not to wind the wire tightly, and keep the console on your left side so wires won't be crossing your body where it might get caught on something.

    Probably best to order a replacement

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