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Thread: Kasina FW2.06 assumes FAT32 cluster size of 4K

  1. Default Kasina FW2.06 assumes FAT32 cluster size of 4K

    This makes it behave weirdly when playing MP3 files on SD cards that are formatted with a different cluster size. I thought my Kasina had become defective, until I realized that when I played one MP3, I was actually hearing a sample from another MP3!

    This also means you can't use a larger SD card with it, or you have to partition it. Thankfully the Kasina reads partitions.

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    Default Re: Kasina FW2.06 assumes FAT32 cluster size of 4K

    Please contact me at
    I have never experienced or heard of this problem. I have used ?SD cards that are 128gb on my Kasina without issue so I would like to diagnose what specifically is going on in your case. Very odd!

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