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Thread: Kasina firmware update failed

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    Default Kasina firmware update failed

    I have a new Kasina and I'm trying to update it to the current firmware but I'm hitting an error: "An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down." and the firmware update fails to complete. Device remains on firmware update screen.
    Failed update does not appear to have bricked the device - was still able to turn it off and restart it to normal operation.

    Device screen reads:
    USB FW updater
    HW: KMMS 1.4
    BL:KMMS-BL 1.02

    What do you recommend?

    KasinaFirmwareUpdateFail2022-09-14 004248.jpg

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    Default Re: Kasina firmware update failed

    Best open a support ticket for this one...

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