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Thread: New SpectraStrobe Session ? 'Sunset' by Lubomyr Melnyk

  1. Default New SpectraStrobe Session ? 'Sunset' by Lubomyr Melnyk

    Hey Hi Hello!

    This is my first attempt at designing a SpectraStrobe session. I used Lubomyr Melnyk's piano piece "Sunset" from his album Illirion as the audio source, and shaped the light with Cymatic Somatic's ***superb*** Prism VST3 plugin.

    It's short! ~4 minutes and more within the entertainment/mind art category, rather than deeply meditative. That being said, the song is quite transcendental and I highly recommend anyone and everyone who enjoys classical and/or 'holy minimalism' to listen to/support the artist. I've bought sheet music from him in the past? he's quite reachable.

    Link for those that despise hyperlinks:

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