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    My name is Jason and I just got Limina yesterday. It?s great but I have a couple questions:
    1) should my eyes be closed or open?
    2) are sound tracks available to accompany the ?vibrations?, for example rain or water flowing?

    Im recovering from a concussion and I am very happy and impressed with this little gadget!

    I appreciate any input!


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    Hello Jason, welcome to the community!

    When using the standard frames, eyes should be closed. Using them open eye would not damage your eyes, but will not be pleasant either. DeepVision frames can be used either way, although the standard frames are calibrated to be used through closed eyes. Open eye favors faster beta and gamma brainwaves, and produces different visuals. Closing your eyes instantly increases alpha waves and is better suited for relaxation and meditation.

    Any soundtrack can be used as a background for KBS and manual sessions via the AUX or USB cord.

    Many sessions can be downloaded for free here and off our Facebook Group page More sessions can be purchased here Older technology Audiostrobe sessions are available from third party vendors as well.

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    Greetings, Jason! There's evidence that brainwave entrainment can induce neural growth. Hopefully, this will help you recover.
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