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Thread: Question on charging the Kasina

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    Default Question on charging the Kasina

    I'm a new member to the forum and have recently acquired the Kasina Mind System. I'm a long time, serial meditator having been introduced to meditation back in 1975 through the books and experiences of Robert Monroe (Journeys Out Of The Body). I've used other 'mind systems' in the past that has allowed me to reach fairly deep Theta states rather quickly. Anyway, all that has nothing to do about my question today. It's a fairly simple one. I've gone through the Starting Guide/Manual and I have not been able to find any specific mention of how long it takes Kasina to fully charge. All the manual says is...."this should take several hours or less...". The light on the front face gives no indication of when a full charge is met. I found this puzzling for such a high end product. Does anyone know what the correct time signature is for charging the Kasina or is it done by just estimation? I assume it can't be over-charged, but again, no info in the manual. What are others doing? Thanks.


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    Default Re: Question on charging the Kasina

    Hello and Welcome!

    On the top right of the Kasina screen is a battery indicator. It will show the battery level. While charging, this indicator will show a “filling” animation to show that it’s charging. Once fully charged, the indicator will turn green.
    The amount of time it takes to get to green is dependent on the initial battery level, and charging current.

    When the Kasina is charging, but not powered on, the control ring will pulse blue to show it has power. If you press the center button, the battery indicator will show on the display, and if you press the down button, it will show the charging voltage and current.

    When the Kasina is charging, you’ll want to see a charging current greater than 0.25A. (Up to about 1.00A with the Kasina charger)

    Hope that helps!
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