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Thread: External 'Brightness Dial' for Adjusting Liteframes

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    I have been using the Limina (with both the liteframes & deep vision) setup with a 25ft cable from the Limina to a chair where my clients sit. The Limina unit is attatched to my desk so I can set the programs pertinent to the biofeedback the client is using. Originally when a client began biofeedback I would set the limina program and wait for the music and light to fade in, then ask the client if they need adjusted. This worked fine for a while and then I got complaints that the liteframes would get too bright during certain parts of the session and the client had no way of adjusting the brightness and sometimes would not speak up until the session ended.

    So I order two inline volume dials from amazon to see if I could give the dial to the client to adjust on their own. The logarithmic dial didn't fade evenly as some colors faded before others when lowering brightness. The linear dial worked great and that's what I have been using for a while. Well long story short I discovered that the linear dial is altering the colors in the liteframes. I normally don't use the external dial myself but did one day when I had a headache and wanted to adjust the brightness lower than the lowest setting from the dial on the unit. I realized that my favorite program had different colors showing up lol.

    Are there any known solutions to using an external dial to adjust the brightness between the Limina unit and Liteframes (not using the dial on the unit itself)?

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    Hello Sci-Trix!

    Are there any SpectraStrobe or AudioStrobe sessions that would work for what you're doing? If so, then you can stream the tracks via USB from your computer or the AUX input from your music player. Then the client can have the Limina locally and make adjustments as desired.

    You're not going to find a volume control that will adjust the lights. The light brightness is set by PWM, not "volume". The only way to adjust them properly is on the device (Limina or Kasina) itself.

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