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    Space in Time, Time in Space

    This session uses Harmonic Box X tones, a specialized monaural/binaural beat configuration which produces harmonics of the target frequency. A monaural beat is set by applying two offset tones into the right channel, and another 2 tones to the left. The tones are configured in a way that the parallel and crossover tones produce binaural beats at the harmonic of the base frequency. Here we used tones to set a base frequency of 7 Hz. Harmonics of 21 Hz, 14 Hz are produced. The result is a hypnotic drone effect that can cause you to lose track of time. The blue LED is set to 21 Hz, green 14 Hz, and red is 7 Hz. I use the color modulation as I would a ramp. Ramping down cycles blue to green to red. White is a representation of all frequencies. Vibration (low frequency isochronic tones) is set at 40 hz gamma.

    Try this session when you want to kill some time. Sometimes it affects you the opposite, making time seem longer. It will make a nice deep meditation session as well!

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    Ayahuaska Dream 40 min

    Shamans spend a lifetime perfecting ritualistic chants and songs for the purpose of inducing an altered state of consciousnesses either in themselves, or their patient. The chanting is delivered at a steady tempo for long periods, usually accompanied with flickering fire and other pyrotechnics to embellish the experience. This is low tech Audiovisual Stimulation! This session utilizes the actual recording of a Peruvian Shaman during an ayahuaska ceremony. Flashing light and modulated sound, as well as the cadence of the chants target the brainwave frequency of 4.5 Hz. Low frequency vibration is set at 40 Hz both pitch and pulse rate. Binaural 3D sound and dissociative techniques makes this session a good choice for those with analytical, overactive minds. I used the Prism plugin to modulate things like waveform and stereo phase that couldn't be done using standard DAW plugins. The result is a random chaotic display while still being locked to an entrainment frequency. This session will take you to a different dimension, and bring you safely home! Credit Traditional Music Channel for the chanting.

    Ayahuaska Dream.mp3

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    Hi! How do i find that session again. Deleted from Dropbox. Thanks!

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