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Thread: Extending Kasina session length

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    HiI have just bought a Kasina and want to use it with hypnosis mp3's by Glen Harrold.The longest session in the trance category is only 20 minutes but hypnosis sessions are usually around 30 minutes long.Does anybody know how to lengthen the sessions?I am 70 years of age so would appreciate advice being explained as if to a halfwit.Thanks in advance.

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    If you use the Kasina to provide the flashing light, and another player to play your hypnosis recordings, you can pick any session you like. If you are transposing lights and tones using the KBS sessions, you can find longer sessions in the Meditation folder. You are looking for sessions that are in the lower alpha, upper theta; sometimes called "thalpha" 9 to 7 Hz.

    Easiest way to do it: hook your hypnosis MP3 up with the Aux or USB cord, select Sessions from the main screen and hold the center button down for two seconds. That will take you into a manual mode. Set your beat to be anywhere between nine and 7 Hz, pick a color set that you like, and away you go!

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    Thanks for your advice I will try both methods tomorrow, it sounds nice and sraightforward.
    Kind Regards Dante15

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