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Thread: Is it just me???

  1. Lightbulb Is it just me???

    When I use some of the meditations, I almost fall out of my chair. There is a type of internal spinning going on, and then I often times grow (I dont know how else to describe it). In doing some research its led me to believe that its the early stages of an OBE, but these are not like the ones I had as a child.

    Anyone with some insight want to shed light on why my meditations are with the Kasina???

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    If I do a deep session in my computer chair I will have the same thing happen. I usually sit in a recliner when I deeply meditate. There are much more knowledgeable people on the forum that might offer a more detailed analysis.
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    Meditations are more powerful using the Kasina because it encourages brainwave states normally found when sleeping while awake. This allows a bridge between the conscience and subconscious mind. My advice is to just go with it and see where it takes you.

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