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Thread: Microbeatmini Deepak Chopra Instruction Manual

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    Default Microbeatmini Deepak Chopra Instruction Manual

    Hi. I bought a Microbeatmini Deepak Chopra and I need the instruction manual. Does anyone know how I can get it?

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    Default Re: Microbeatmini Deepak Chopra Instruction Manual

    Not sure if that product is still made, is it?

    Did it not include the manual when you bought it? Have you contacted the company that you bought it from?

    I did a little searching and it doesn't look like it's sold in very many places, but you could contact one of them to ask about the manual...

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Microbeatmini Deepak Chopra Instruction Manual

    No friend. The product is no longer produced. I bought it used on ebay without the manual.

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