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Thread: single colour spectra strobe to audio strobe

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    Question single colour spectra strobe to audio strobe

    I've received some tracks that are encoded in continuous white spectrastrobe.

    R/G is personal preference, especially closer to bedtime, so I'm hoping to separate out the spec frequency and change it to audiostrobe. Sharing entire tracks would probably not be best, but I can upload a minute sampler from one if that would help.

    The sound technology involved is something I find somewhat intriguing, I've got some experience playing around with the gnaural presets, but beyond that I'm totally green. FOSS preferred, but will make a plan wherever possible when it comes to software. Any input appreciated - thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: single colour spectra strobe to audio strobe

    If the session is encoded with Spectrastrobe, you would have to filter out the frequencies used for the reference signal and the red and blue signal. That would essentially turn it into a and Audiostrobe track, and you can choose whatever color set you would like. I don't know how this would work, I have never done it. Reference the video I made on how to create a Spectrastrobe session using a DAW.

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