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Thread: The 30 day Wellness Challange!

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    Default The 30 day Wellness Challange!

    We have created a structured, progressive program using Audio-Visual Stimulation to increase total wellness; mind, body and spirit! Use your light and sound machine to the fullest in ways you may not have known about. Cost: free! Join us on our Facebook group page starting October 15th!

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    Pre and post wellness evaluation:

    On a scale of zero through nine, zero being the worst possible, nine being the best ever, rate the following:

    Rate your overall mood. What is your plan to improve mood?
    Rate your overall physical fitness. What can you do to get more physically fit?
    Rate your diet and eating habits. How can you eat more healthy?
    Rate your connection to your spirituality. How can you become a more spiritual person?
    Rate your sleep quality. How can you improve it?
    Rate your outlook on the future. Write down a plan to make things better in the future.

    Save your findings, at the end of the 30 days rate again and compare. To take it a step further:

    Record any biometric data if you have such devices. Things such as resting heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, weight, or EEG algorithms. You may have to take several readings over a few days at different times and average them for more accuracy. Record the data and compare at the end of 30 days.

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    Week One Beta and Gamma

    Increasing Beta brain waves sharpens focus, improves cognition, relieves depression, and is uplifting. Low beta (SMR) has a balancing effect, suppressing waking theta waves to those prone to depression, as well as inhibiting high beta to those with overactive minds and anxiety. Increasing low beta can help develop healthy sleep habits and also build a resistance to stress and anxiety. This program will put a priority on increasing SMR. Gamma is stimulating as well. It helps cognitive ability and nonverbal tasks such as mathematics. Gamma also seems to be the interpreter of the brain, showing up when several areas of the brain must work together on a single task such as playing music. New research is finding that gamma also has a role in regulating harmful brain chemicals related to dementia.


    Get Up And Go Gamma - A short but powerful beta and gamma session set to uplifting classical music is sure to get you up and moving ready to start your day or to exercise! 20 Hz square wave alternating entrainment is used with periods of 40 Hz gamma. Alternating entrainment creates harmonics in the brain, not only will you be receiving a dose of 20 Hz beta, you will also be in training at 40 Hz as well! Blue light is used to facilitate serotonin production. Use this in the morning to get you up and going, or any time you need some motivation or a little pick me up.

    Brain Balance for Complex Tasks - a tone based, intense session that first targets each brain hemisphere separately. First we increase activity in the left hemisphere with upper beta, while keeping the right hemisphere balanced with low beta. Then we reverse with the right hemisphere being entrained with upper beta in the left with low beta. The red LED is constantly flashing at 40 Hz. There will be periods of bilateral flashing of red only. Move your eyes with the alternating light. The entrainment will come together at 15 Hz and then fade into a binaural beat. A 15 Hz binaural beat has been found to activate more areas of the brain simultaneously.

    I discovered when I was creating the All on Board session for The 30 Day Meditation Challenge, this type of session increased music playing ability. I found that when using this session, my flute playing became easier, and my creativity increased. If you are a musician, give this session a try and see if you're playing improves!

    Motor On Up / Motor On Down - This is a 2 part session based on a protocol used by Dr. Ruth Olmstead in her studies with AVS and ADHD. It consists of stepping up the frequencies in the SMR range for one session, and stepping down the same frequencies in the other. They are to be used on different days, each session at least once a week, but not both in the same day. A similar approach was taken by Dr. Thomas Budzinsky and Dr. Len Oachs. The theory is that it pushes and pulls at the brainwaves, breaking stuck patterns and encouraging new dendritic growth.

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    Week 2- Alpha

    Alpha, named so because it was the first brainwave discovered, is that of relaxed, day-dreamy light meditation. It relieves stress and anxiety, and helps with memory recall. Alpha is abundantly found in the occipital (vision) area of the brain. Closing your eyes instantly increases alpha rhythms, as does looking up. Ever see someone look up when trying to remember something or answer a question? This is because looking up increases alpha, facilitating memory recall. Expect some dazzling mind art when using alpha sessions. Alpha is also the suggestible state, making it ideal for self mental programming using affirmations or visualizations. 10 Hz alpha has also been noted to decrease pain and bleeding during dental procedures, helps prevent and lessen jet lag, and helps with hangovers. More info on alpha:

    Using alpha for mental programming has no limits. There are only so many outcomes that can come from alpha entrainment, but when you use it to program the mind, the sky's the limit! Program your mind to live healthier, have a better image of yourself, or to quit destructive habits. The procedure is simple. When you are in an alpha state, repeat positive affirmations, or visualize the behavior or outcome you wish. There will be a chime alert during the session when the entrainment is at the optimal frequency to begin. Visualize as clearly and with as much detail as possible in the third person as if you are watching yourself in a movie. The important thing is to have the attitude and belief that the change has already taken place. After the session is over, go about your life as if what you are trying to accomplish has already happened and you are that person. Take this short test to determine what your primary sensory modality is, and use as a guide on whether to visualize, use affirmations, or to think about how your outcome feels. Repetitiveness is the key to success. Don't overload your subconscious. Use 5 or less affirmations and repeat them over and over. Her are some wellness affirmations you can use


    10 Hz Loop - An 11 min track using modulated 3D sound and flickering light at 10 Hz. Studies have found orange light to increase alpha brainwaves. Short fades are used so you can loop as long as you like. There is no chime alert, begin mental programming when you feel relaxed. 6 min is the general rule of thumb when it comes to entrainment.

    Alpha For Overactive Minds - Dissociation techniques are used to clear your head when you have a lot going on in your mind. Follow with 10 Hz Loop for a longer session.

    Deep Alpha - This takes you to the very edge of theta. Profoundly relaxing, this would be a good session to use just before bedtime to set you up for a good nights sleep, or anytime you want to chill out.

    None of these sessions contain an ending ramp up to beta, so take a few minutes after the session is over to reflect and return to a fully alert state. This is when a lot of forgotten memories reappear!

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    Week 3 Theta

    Theta is the bridge to the subconscious. Deeply relaxing, theta is the state of light sleep and deep meditation. It is also the hyper- suggestible state. Children naturally are in a constant theta state, that is why children learn complex tasks such as language and music faster than adults. Those that are depressed, have ADHD or PTSD exhibit abnormal amounts of theta while awake as well. Those that have these conditions should use theta sessions with caution. Theta has also been linked to intuition, shamanism, out of body experience and lucid dreaming. More on theta:


    Neuronial Nutrition - The Schumann resonance and it's harmonics increases blood flow to the brain more than any other frequency providing oxygen and fuel for our energy hungry brains. At 7.83 Hz the Schumann Resonance fluctuates + - 2 Hz depending on sunspot and global lightning activity. This crosses the line from alpha to theta and has been termed as a “thalpha” state. More paranormal experiences are reported using this frequency as well. Here we use several brainwave entrainment methods to increase the Schumann Resonance rhythms in the brain, including Harmonic Box X and green light which has been found to facilitate brainwaves in this band.

    Shaman State of Mind - 4.5 Hz is the frequency of Tibetan chants and has been said to be the shamanistic state of consciousness. We take you down to this deep state after making rests at 10 Hz and 7.83 Hz. There are also bursts of gamma while in theta. This frequency range is also known for inner guidance, intuition, and pain relief.

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    Week 4 Delta-

    Delta, the slowest brainwaves are the realm of the unconscious mind and the primitive brain. Usually found during deep dreamless sleep, the body repairs itself and memories are filed into long time storage when delta waves dominate. Very advanced meditators can get into a delta state without sleeping. Technically, entrainment below 3 Hz is too slow for the brain to follow, but sessions in this range and below (sub-delta) have reduced pain, and improved sleep. The latest research suggests that stimulation in this range soothes the amygdala and “pushes” the amplitude of faster waves. More on delta:


    Persistent Pain Relief - Cycles through the entire delta range, this session is known for relieving chronic pain and migraine headaches. Green light is used to further facilitate pain relief. Using night sounds, this session can double as a sleep loop to be played all night if you wish.

    Holo-Clone Awakening - Back in the 80's, when AVE was more of an adventure into personal discovery rather than a means to an end, there was a popular program that featured progressively lowered binaural beats with a rain background. Trouble was that it was insanely expensive at $160 a “level”, 12 levels in all. That's almost $2,000 for the entire package! You could take your time paying though because it took 10 years to complete! Here I updated the technology to the 21st century while still keeping the binaural beat foundation, shortening the length of the session by almost half, and eliminating the need for the “Dive” session.
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    Default Re: Announcing The 30 day Wellness Challange!

    Thanks, Joe!
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    Default Re: Announcing The 30 day Wellness Challange!

    Links in the above posts have been fixed. Let me know if anyone has any trouble downloading.

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    amazing! thanks so much!

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    amazing stuff so happy to be part of this community

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