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    I made a simple session to help the user/subject to train their trance state. I read that when a person goes in and out of trance it will increase the deepening of the trance state. Hypnotist call this fractionation It will probably also increase the deepening of meditation. (Note that this particular session is not designed as a meditation exercise per se)

    *It can be helpful if one would make a voice recording by using their phone with the text. Every time I say the words deep trance now with the intention to go in to trance. I will directly go in to this deep trance state This voice record can than be uploaded to your PC/laptop and with the free open source audio editing program Audacity. Its possible to make a mp3 that can be played by another device such as a phone/laptop while simultaneously doing this exercise. This will cause that the Theta state will be anchored with the trigger phrase deep trance now.
    The voice recording should be placed at 10min, 28min, 46min and 64min.
    If somebody got questions I can make a tutorial video.

    Session Information:
    The session starts at 13Hz with a ramp of 6min to 4,5Hz, holding the 4,5Hz for 6 min and then going up to 13Hz over a period of 6min. Once reached the 13Hz the frequency will lower again to 4,5Hz over a period of 6min. Repeating the cycle. In total there are four levels of 4,5Hz. The duration of this exercise is 01:11:00 (1 hour and 11min)

    If you folks got any suggestions or feedback please share it!

    Trance training.png
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    Last edited by Jos Bos; 04-28-2021 at 01:27 AM. Reason: I received my Kasina today so i tried the .kbs file and found out that the sound was muted at the 18min mark, I corrected it

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    Thanks, Jos!

    If you share the .kbs I can move it to the "Sessions" area here.

    Hey, if someone makes a good post, don't forget to click at the bottom of their post to add to their reputation!

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    Yeah, I already had the .kbs file attached to the post. But after you mentioned it, I saw I needed to attached as a .zip file.
    Thanks Andy for the heads up

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