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Thread: The meaning of setting of LED lights

  1. Question The meaning of setting of LED lights

    I have one question:
    On Kasina mind machine we can set the color balance of LED light of the goggle, will different setting have different influence on the main function of the same music? For example, is there difference between only red light and only green light?

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    I guess you have the answer to your question in the question itself. I mean, sure thing there is a difference between all green lights and all red lights. If you want to make them constant, you need to do a certain thing for each colour. If you want to take them both and not make them permanent but intermittent, you have to find a different solution. That's why I recommend using similar strips They allow you to change the colour much easier.
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    If you're asking about why to use one color over another, this has been discussed quite a bit.

    Have a look here:

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