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Thread: "no USB" Error??

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    Default "no USB" Error??

    Hello, I am new in Kasina. I wondered to MP mail a question but they don't reply...

    From few weeks I have the Kasina. I read when I open "NO USB" but I don't know what it really means.

    In "Sessions" menu, inside, I read:

    SD Card
    1 SpectraStrobe
    2 AudioStrobe
    3 KBS
    4 Color Organ
    5 Support

    This last "KASINA" when selected, gives another folder "KASINA" but is blue (cannot be selected)

    I don't know if I am making something wrong.

    My 3 questions are:

    1) What means this "NO USB"?
    1) Menu "Sessions" include only all SD Card sessions? I guess there is not any kind of memory inside Kasina by itself, isn't it?
    2) This "KASINA" folder that is empty... is it normal?


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    Default Re: "no USB" Error??

    "No USB" means that you don't have the USB cable plugged into the Kasina and into your computer.
    The Kasina has no internal memory for sessions. They are all on the SD card.
    The KASINA folder is supposed to be empty. It's a placeholder for MWS software when it's used with the Kasina. No need to concern yourself about it, unless you're using MWS. (MWS is no longer in business but some people still use it)

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    Default Re: "no USB" Error??

    Thanks Andy! Very clear from now! :-)

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