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Thread: Need help with ADD/ADHD session programming

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    Default Need help with ADD/ADHD session programming

    I recently rediscovered my Kasina after several years of absence. In the interim period, my wife has been diagnosed with ADD. She probably always had it, but it was not something that people looked for back in our time of growing up. As she has aged, the symptoms have gotten more pronounced and she is taking Ritalin daily. After reading several articles on how Sound and Light therapy can assist in treatment, I asked her if she was willing to give it a try. Surprisingly, she said yes. So, for the past three days she has been doing a morning and evening session with Inner Balance by Heartmath, and then doing a mid-morning gamma session on the Kasina.

    I found out that my Mind Workstation and NP3 programs are still functioning on my Mac, through Parallels and Windows 7. I was able to get a couple stock sessions from those applications. However, I want to be able to do some additional targeted programs to give her some variety, plus address the ADD/ADHD without just the stock Gamma programs.

    I would really appreciate some direction on what kind of beats, frequencies, etc., that can be used specifically for ADD/ADHD. This is the first time I have a passion to address a specific area through BWE, and my wife is willing to stay the course. Can anybody here provide some thoughts and insights as to how I move forward in building sessions for her? I would deeply appreciate the help.


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    Default Re: Need help with ADD/ADHD session programming

    Send me a PM and I will attach some MWS files

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