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Thread: Looking for more dissociating sessions.

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    Ok Iíll just say it, I would be surlrised If I am alone. I bought a Kasina and it basically sat for a year or so. I am almost 50 years old and a couple months ago I discovered the benefits to Ketamine, itís been a miracle for me. The Kasina is now an Integral part of that experience . Iíve seen and felt things that could only be described as doors to other dimensions opening. I have seen so much and now the Kasina is a tru journey out of my body. Whoever wrote the sessions that came on the unit have a incredie ability to put you somewhere else, and itís deliberate. The latest one I downloaded was a psychedelic session 30 min and technically it was quintessential psychedelic music, the chords the sounds, and the transitions take you on a journey, itís masterful. I need more.

    can anyone recommend where I may find more like this? The sessions on soudcloud are a bit new agey for me, I prefer something a bit - maybe darker.

    any advice would be welcomed

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    Was your 30 min session this one?

    Have you tried this one?

    I created those for the 30 day meditation challenge. I can create custom sessions for you if you wish.

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    Those links are dead. Anywhere else we can download and try?

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    Hi - I've also been doing ketamine infusion and home nasal therapy for depression and ... WOW. I used the kasina deep meditation and could hear all kinds of weird stuff and "breaking through" visually...

    Interested to hear if you found any cool relevant sessions and how the experiments are going!


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    Hi JoeV

    I see you create custom sessions. I am interested in stimulating more endogenous DMT.
    I am doing a daily practice of breathwork moving the CSF up to the choroid plexus, and
    alternating cold/hot temperatures.
    I would like a session which moves up the chakras with the appropriate color/frequency of each chakra.
    My peak alpha frequency is 11 so it should be harmonics of 11
    can you do this for me? I am happy to pay.......

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