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Thread: 30 Day Meditation Session Downloads

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    Default 30 Day Meditation Session Downloads

    Facebook is not the ideal platform for posting download links, so I will also post them here for convenience.

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    Default Zone Out- 30 min

    Description: a low alpha/theta program for deep relaxation or meditation using Schumann Resonance frequencies. It starts with 4 x 4 breath pacing known to relax you, relieving stress and anxiety. It can also be used for self hypnosis and mental programming.

    Instructions: you will be prompted to begin breath pacing after 1 min. After initial instructions, follow the light pattern as long as you like. The light pacing will continue for five minutes, but the music is composed with this tempo throughout.

    For self hypnosis and mental programming: at six minutes you will hear a bell chime. This is to alert you that you are now entering a deep alpha state. Here you can repeat self affirmations and mental visualizations. Keep affirmations positive and simple such as "I am healthy and smoke free" or "people find me intelligent and like to be around me". Visualize as if watching yourself in a movie or on TV. At 15 minutes you will hear a another bell chime. This is to alert you that you are beginning to enter the theta stage. Repeating affirmations and visualizing is too much mental activity to enter a theta state. Just allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience.

    Zone Out (click to play, right-click and select "download" to download)

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    Default Vision Quest- 45 min

    This session provides a different, although equally impressive experience eyes closed, or eyes open using the deep vision Ganzframes.

    Description: a unique alpha/theta/gamma program utilizing photic entrainment with rapidly changing color segments presenting different colors to each eye. Dissociation techniques, Harmonic Box X tones, music tuned to 432 Hz Solfeggio frequency, and metal/ crystal bowls are also used. It starts at 11 Hz alpha, the flicker frequency noted to produce hallucinations more than any other, as well as Schumann Resonance frequencies, the frequency that is has been noted to produce paranormal activity more than any other. At its very core this session will be a very relaxing session that will leave you energized.

    Objective: induce mental imagery, create hallucinations, and for esoteric interests such as lucid dreaming and out of body experience.


    Lucid Dreaming/ OOBE: set your alarm one hour before you normally get up. Use the bathroom if necessary, then go back to bed and start Vision Quest. Allow yourself to fall back asleep, but try to keep a portion of your awareness either on the flashing light or the sound. With practice, you will be able to tell the exact point where your body will be asleep but your mind will be awake. Experiment finding the line where you can easily cross between consciousness and unconsciousness. When you have achieved this skill, you can start the session repeating hypnotic suggestions to yourself such as "I am weightless and I can fly" or "I am on a sandy beach in Hawaii". As you find the sleep threshold and start dreaming, put yourself in those situations.

    For out of body experience, you can use a suggestion such as "I will break free of my earthly body". Each time the bowls sound, imagine your body vibrating and your spirit being lifted out of the body. By the end of the session when the lights are white and the entrainment is in gamma, visualize your spirit leaving your body and transcending time and space, if you haven't already.

    Vision Quest (click to play, right-click and select "download" to download

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    Default Happy Daze- 15 min

    Although effective eyes closed, open eyed with Deep Vision goggles suppresses slower brainwave patterns boosting effectiveness, and provides a more dazzling light show. Eyes open may also help with SAD

    Description: an uplifting beta/gamma session incorporating a lively light show and specifically composed music. This session can also increase focus and sharpen cognition, or get you energized before going to work or the gym.

    Objective: increase faster brainwave activity and inhibit excessive slow wave activity found in depressed individuals.

    Instructions: use whenever feeling depressed, or several times a week to prevent depression. It will begin using serotonin producing blue light, making it perfect to use as a wake-up session and stave off SAD. This session can be very energizing and may affect sleep. It is recommended that you use it early in the day as to not affect sleep patterns. It can also be used before studying or taking tests to sharpen focus. Good to boost cognition in seniors as well.

    Happy Daze (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default In the Zone- 20 min

    Description: an alpha/beta/gamma program utilizing photic entrainment and specifically composed music. At it's core, it will provide a relaxing experience that will leave you energized and inspired.

    Objective: to put the user "in the zone" for athletic events, work, or academics. Can also be used for Law of Attraction.

    Instructions: the user should try to relax as much as possible and visualize themselves preparing, studying or training for their event. Self affirmations such as "I will be the best shortstop in the league", "I will ace this test", or "I will nail this presentation" can be used. Try to visualize yourself in the third person as if watching a movie or TV. When the music livens up and the light flashing speeds up, visualize yourself actually doing the event and performing flawlessly. Towards the end, post-hypnotic suggestions can be used alluding that the event has already happened successfully; such as "I am the best shortstop in the league", “I aced this test”, or "I nailed that presentation" visualize yourself in all your glory as if the event had already happened successfully.

    For Law of Attraction: relax and visualize what you want to manifest in your life, and what you are going to do to perpetuate it. Use affirmations such as "I will make a million dollars this year", or "I will have a beach house on the ocean". When the music speeds up visualize yourself spending your millions of dollars or taking vacations in your beach house. At the end, visualize yourself as if you have already acquired your manifestations such as "I am a millionaire" or "I own a beach house on the ocean".

    In the Zone (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default Random Musings- 10 min

    Description: Random values between 12-15 Hz are presented in randomly generated colors with 3D modulated sound and isochronic tones.

    Objective: Boost brainwave activity in the Sensory Motor Cortex that operates on such frequencies (SMR). Increased SMR activity can improve sleep patterns, and provide resistance to stress. It is very helpful in treating ADHD. It provides a relaxed, balanced state of mind. Good for calming over active minds.

    Instructions: Use in the morning to gently get going, while working to keep focused for long periods, or in the early evening to help with sleep.

    Random Musings (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default Fun With Phase- 10 Min

    Eyes closed with the standard Ganzframes gives a slightly better “mind art” experience.

    At 10 Hz alpha, this is a perfect accompaniment to Random Musings (12-15Hz). Follow with Random Musings early in the day for a relaxing experience that leaves you energized, or precede Random Musings with Fun With Phase late in the day to unwind.

    Objective: Provide a short relaxing session for meditation or pain relief and an entertaining “mind art” experience.

    Description: An experimental session that offsets the phase of each color. Blue is at 0 phase, Red is at 90, and green is at 180. Phase is where a cycle (Hz) begins, peaks, and ends. 0 starts at the beginning of the cycle, 90 one quarter of the way through, 180 halfway through. We offset phase in pulses to create dissociation in entrainment, usually by 180 degrees so one phase is 100% on, while the other is 100% off.

    Each color, each at a different phase is mixed together at 2 min intervals until all 3 colors come together at the very end. Isochronic tones mixed at the same phase will allow you the “hear” what is going on.

    Fun With Phase (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default Phase Out 10 min

    This session uses dissociation techniques that are good for calming overactive minds. Try using in the evening to calm your mind and get ready for sleep. It ends at 11 Hz, the same frequency that Vision Quest starts at, so you can use the two together if you want a longer Vision Quest experience.

    Shifting each sound or light cycle of phase by 180 puts the light/sound pulses first to one side then the other in each cycle. That would mean at 10 Hz, light flashes or isochronic tones would pulse to the right and to the left 10 times per second. This is unnatural to the brain, and seems helpful to those with overactive minds. Alternating entrainment also produces more harmonics in the brain. An EEG will show entrainment at 10 Hz, but also at 20 Hz, and a sub harmonic of 5 Hz to a lesser degree. This proves helpful for entraining at very fast gamma rhythms, or very slow delta rhythms that are a challenge when using light and sound pulses.

    This 10 minute session uses alpha frequencies. The light presents rapidly changing random colors that are different in each eye, causing more dissociation. This forces the brain to draw its own conclusions, and should provide interesting mind art patterns. Most of the session is at 11 Hz, the frequency which is reported to induce hallucinations more than any other.

    Phase Out (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default Knockout- 20 min

    A rapid sleep induction featuring a special 4/7/8 breath pacing pattern that is taught to military personnel to help them get to sleep quickly in stressful environments. It uses non-evasive red light and modulated sound featuring a special Variable Onset entrainment technique designed to lower brainwaves quickly. This session can also be used as a short restorative power nap. Follow with Looped Out for a longer power nap.

    Objective: put the user asleep quickly

    Directions: breath pacing will begin at the one minute mark. You will be prompted through the first few cycles, and then light changes will cue you when to begin inhaling, holding and exhaling. At five minutes the light pacing will end . It is not recommended to continue the breath pacing at this point, but the music is composed to this tempo throughout the session.

    It may be difficult to sleep wearing glasses and headphones. It is possible to use speakers with this session, placing the glasses on an adjacent pillow or nightstand. Look in that direction while falling asleep, or simply allow the glasses to light a darkened room. Special sleep headphones that utilize thin speakers placed inside of a sweatband may be used as well.

    Knockout (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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    Default Looped Out- 60 min

    This session begins and ends at the same frequency and uses short fades to facilitate being looped all night if desired.

    Description: a delta/sub delta session utilizing non evasive red light, a relaxing rain background, and low carrier tone isochronic beats.

    Objective: guide the user quickly into restorative deep delta sleep, and encourage more time spent in this state.

    Directions: add this to the end of Knockout for a complete sleep induction, or use by itself. Loop this program all night to encourage more time spent in a deep delta sleep state. As with Knockout, this may be played on speakers with the glasses placed on an adjacent pillow or nightstand.

    Looped Out (click to play, right-click and choose "download" to download

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