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    After living in our house for 25 years we sold it in 2006 and moved to a much smaller house. The people who bought it did so on the condition that they take possession in 2 weeks. Everything we had accumulated, including my barely used Proteus, got tossed into boxes and much of it ended up staying there until just recently.

    I was delighted when I put fresh batteries into the unit and it fired right up. I updated from 2.2 to 3.2 without any problem and started using it again. I'm in love and want to get the maximum benefit from it so I uploaded the complex sessions module. I really like them but they don't match up in length with the standard sessions so I'm not sure if they match up in function. I did a search using "complex sessions description" in the Proteus category and can't find a description of the complex sessions like the one that exists for the factory installed sessions.

    Does something like that exist and if so where would I find it?

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    That's great!

    I'll ask Robert if he has any documentation on those sessions in the archives. I don't myself.

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    I appreciate that Andy!!

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    Greetings! Though a search of my computer brought up multiple copies of those sessions, there was no description. I'll have a look at old external drives in archive later. My recollection though is that the complex sessions incorporated use of the loop function in the Editor, which was developed after the Proteus was first released (there were multiple firmware and Editor versions during the first few years, plus a few later ones). If you are feeling adventurous, try opening a favorite session in the Proteus Editor and experiment with tweaking parameters.


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