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Thread: Cymatic software for AS/SS Creation

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    Sounds great! We touched upon this our last conversation. Looking forward to Prism Studio!

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    I've also got a prototype SS "decoder" plug-in in the works that you can put on your master stereo audio track and it will "visualize" the LEDs in a GUI window without having to have the Kasina and Ganzframe glasses hooked up, although I'm not sure ultimately how useful it is, as it isn't a proper substitute for actually wearing the glasses, especially at high rates of flicker. I guess maybe as a diagnostic tool it could be useful (haven't released this plug-in yet though, not sure I will, maybe if others have a use for it).
    Are you kidding, it would be very useful. You could use your decoder to turn an Occulas quest 2 into a mind machine, imagine the visuals in vr

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    Looking forward to it! Good luck. Hope it's a success with all the people that need to relax and do some inner work.
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