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Thread: Cymatic Custom VSTs for AS/SS Creation

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeV View Post
    Weird how you can load the LFO and not the tone generator. Unfortunately, there is a licensing issue with the plugin, and the folks at Cymatic are not putting any effort into updating it in favor of creating a new and improved plugin.

    You don’t need a plugin to make binaural beats. Make a track and put a tone generator on it. Crank the pan to the left. This is your carrier tone.

    Create another tone track and pan it all the way to the right. This is your offset tone.

    The difference in pitch between the two tracks determines the beat. A carrier at 180 Hz pitch and an offset at 190 will produce a 10 Hz beat.
    Thanks Joe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jairbair View Post
    Thanks Joe
    No problem. Check out the post I started in the General Forum. I am using Reaper, but the techniques can be applied to any decent DAW.

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    i tried to load the CymaticLFO_x86.dll into Reaper 6.29 (32 bit) without success. Even older versions of the LFO plug-ins and of Reaper did not work.
    With 64 bit it worked fine. (with CymaticLFO_x64.dll and Reaper 6.29 (64 bit))
    Is there anybody there with Reaper 32 bit and has success loading the LFO plug-in (CymaticLFO_x86.dll)?

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