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    On the site of mind gear are available to download for free the album Amazing Journeys in the Peak Performance Zone.
    Encoded in turbosonix, it is compatible with audiostrobe.

    Vol. I: Moodscapes. Nature sounds combined with binaural signals and lights.

    • Track 1 Focused Energy (15:00) Birds and the sounds of nature waking up.
    • Track 2 Relax & Create (15:00) A gentle rainstorm to get your juices flowing.
    • Track 3 Easy Meditation (15:00) Let the waves wash your mind.
    • Track 4 Sound Sleep (25:00) Crickets chirping near a cozy cabin in the woods.

    Vol. II: Wake Up Brain! Rhythmic music and lights to get you in gear!

    • Track 1 Tropicalights (30:00)
    • Track 2 Rise & Shine (10:21)
    • Track 3 Coffee Break (16:18)

    Light and Sound sessions to get you focused, sharp, alert, ready to concentrate, learn, perform, and produce. Great for those times when you feel fuzzy and down. These sessions are designed for high-performance training for athletes, students, executives, and anyone who wants to have the winning edge.
    Vol. III: Relax and Recharge: Soothing, hypnotic music and lights take you away, perhaps even far away

    • Track 1 Meditation/ Deep Relaxation (30:00)
    • Track 2 Creativity Booster (15:00)
    • Track 3 Power Nap/Quick Meditation (15:00)

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Quick note: These files are M4a, which means if you want to play them through the Kasina itself via SD card, you may need to convert them to MP3s first. Alternatively you can listen to them through usb connection to Kasina on computer as they are.

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    The Kasina can play only MP3 and WAV files, so you would need to convert the M4a to MP3 first...

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    The files seem to be offline can you share them here

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    The files are online. I have sent you a private message.

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    Bonjour. Puisje avoir les fichiers aussi svp.


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    Fumanchu, thank you for posting these files. Did you do the conversion from m4a? If so, your kindness and effort are greatly appreciated.

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