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Thread: Editor install problem

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    Default Editor install problem

    Tried to install editor and had the following problems (windows XP Pro);

    1. initially unzipped in dir with very long name - intaller could not find stuff - get prompt to "insert disk 22"; put all unzip stuff in dir right under C: and things installed.

    2. USB driver - did get prompt to install driver after turned procyon on - problem was instructions didn't tell me where driver was - install couldn't find it.

    So here's current situation: editor installed - driver is not. Read post about driver and now have stuff unzipped in a dir - NOW WHAT? To make things worst, last attempt XP final window had checked by default NOT to propmt for driver install - noticed too late, so now when I turn on procyon all I get is some gongs - how do I get driver install to run again - how do i use the unzipped USB driver stuff?


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    Default Re: Editor install problem

    Yeah, hopefully we can somehow make the install easier...
    I installed 2 soundcards the other day and they were the hardest installs of my life, with BSOD and all sorts of problems... I guess we're not the only ones at the mercy of the hardware manufacturer's inability to write decent driver install scripts!

    Anyway, what you'll need to do is go into the folder that you created that has the unzipped driver files.
    Double-click "setup.exe" which installs the drivers.
    Now plug in your Procyon and power it up.

    If you don't get the new hardware wizard, then do this:

    Open "device manager" (right-click My Computer and select "manage", then click "Device Manager").

    You should see a USB device (or 2) with either a exclamation mark or a red "x". Right-click that device and select "re-install driver" or "enable". Then it starts the driver update wizard.
    Don't search the internet
    Select "Automatic"
    Select "Continue anyway" if you get the warning screen.

    Hopefully that should work. I'm doing these instructions from memory, but I think they should be correct.

    Let me know if that works or not or if you get stuck!


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