Allergies and Sinus Congestion
By Marisa Broughton, MHT, MNLP

I am talking directly to my sinuses and immune system. It’s important to have clear sinuses and to breath through my nose. A clear nasal passage is essential to continued good health because in the nose germs, bacteria, dust particles and microorganisms are trapped and then moved into the throat where it is swallowed and eradicated from the body with the other waste. To breathe clearly and easily is to breathe in the most healthy way and the body always wants to operate in the most healthy way.

Nasal cavities clear.

My immune system knows the difference between harmful germs and bacterias and innocent substances such as dust, animal dander, pollen, grass and mold. These innocent substances exist in the world and can easily be ignored because they are benign.

Allergies are a mistake the immune system makes. An allergic reaction is a big mistake the immune system had made because the reaction of the immune system made was excessive and did far more damage than the substance in question ever could. My immune system is very clever and it learns from it’s mistakes. It has learned that substances such as feathers, dust, mold, and animal dander are innocent substances. It has learned that instead of threatening the life and health of the body by over-reacting, to detect harmful substances and destroy them while allowing the body to maintain it’s ability to breathe clearly through the nose. Allowing the nose to do it’s best job in protecting the body by filtering out anything undesirable and it can only do this by being able to continue to inhale and exhale air easily.

My sinuses are clear, the air flows through my nose easily and allows my body to deeply inhale fresh oxygen. My immune system knows the difference between harmful and safe substances and is easily able to keep my body healthy and functioning at it’s best. My immune system is strong and has an incredible memory. My immune system has been programmed now to ignore the innocent substances that coexist in our world. Substances that are common like dust particles, dust mites and their droppings, animal hair and dust…common, innocent substances. In stead the immune system can now focus on eliminating cancerous cells, viruses, colds by attacking and destroying the abnormal cells and invading bodies. Smart, learning immune system knows the difference between safe and harmful substances.