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Thread: Is my 2010 Procyon hopelessly out of date?

  1. Default Is my 2010 Procyon hopelessly out of date?

    I purchased a Procyon AVS unit in about 2010, and enjoyed using it for a couple of years. I then put away the unit and didn't try it again until very recently. On fitting new batteries, it seems to work perfectly as it did previously.

    Rather than me spending hours reading through this forum and specifications of the latest equipment, can someone please bring me up to speed about what has changed with the latest units and what is now available for me to upgrade to, or conversely, what am I missing out on with this old unit.

    Can this 2010 model be upgraded with new software, or is it hopelessly out of date? What are these new Ganzframes that I gather cannot be used with my old setup?

    I'm just attempting to get back into using this Procyon system and want get the most out of it, and will consider upgrading if necessary.

    Any information and advice would be very helpful.

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    Default Re: Is my 2010 Procyon hopelessly out of date?


    The new device from MindPalce is the Kasina.

    The Kasina is the culmination of over 5 years of development, 2 years of design and testing. It is the "soup to nuts" solution for the avs enthusiast. It is MindPlaces' flagship product and the leader in it's field, at any price.

    The main differences between the Procyon and Kasina are:
    - Windows and Mac compatibility
    - Music playback from integrated micro-SD card
    - Expandable, unlimited storage through the use of micro-SD cards
    - Rechargable battery, chargable via USB
    - Very simple add/delete sessions and OS update procedure (drag and drop)
    - 6-channel Ganzframes (Red/Green/Blue x 2 (Left and Right))
    - Spectrastrobe encoding as a 6-channel format - big improvement over AudioStrobe
    - Easy to use free KBS editor available for Windows and Mac
    - 3rd party editors available
    - In-Ear style headphones
    - Colour screen with much more information
    - Very simple to use with simple control pad and graphical screen
    - Modern styling and packaging
    - Works as USB audio device for playback of music or sessions via PC

    Please have a look at some of our customer reviews <> on Amazon to see what others are saying about the product.

    Also, have a peek at the comparison chart at

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Default Re: Is my 2010 Procyon hopelessly out of date?

    But what about the difference in colors? I was told that the Procycon has better colors than the Kasina

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