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Thread: The Death of transparentcorp and MWS

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    I checked out this webiste, you can download some stuff, but I am sure the have no registration server.
    Many years ago I bought from tranparentcorp the programs neuroprogrammer, mindworkstation commercial, the full program, lifetime and these programs are no longer usable because transparentcorp has shut down everything (including the registration server) for years, as everyone writes here.
    The software alternatives suggested here so far I found not so good
    The best replacement for me is the Audio Brainwave software by saschArt. There are some free plugins, especially interesting is the panoscillator (for creating bilateral sound waves for brainspotting according to David Grand). For Brainwave Entrainment I use the following therapy vst plugins:
    Isochronic tones and goldwavegenerator.
    Please check them out yourself, link:
    I also bought the software BrainwaveProducer from SaschArt, with which you can use the plugins without DAW. Everything works perfect. But without audiostrobe!
    Good luck!

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    I still have a working copy of MWS, but I use the Reaper DAW instead. Much more versatile, higher quality, easier to make complex sessions. The only thing missing is the biometerics for biofeedback and graphing.

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    The solution for transparentcorp:
    If you need the original transparentcorp software for the differentiated Brainwave programming with AUDIOSTROBE, then you can't get around the original software.
    I have been looking for a solution for a long time and finally found one that works. There is no cracked software for neuroprogrammer or Brainsound-studio or Mindworkstation in the web. Some offers are simply fakes, you get a big zip-file which is encrypted and can't be opened, but costs money.
    The only solution are the trial versions with trial reset which is not easy because practically all programs for trial reset fail. The only exception is the software
    Registry Trash Keys Finder (Version 3.9.4.x) from
    With it the trial reset works perfectly, by simply deleting all found trash-registry keys. There is a free and a full version of trash-reg-finder. If the free version is working I don't know; you have to test it, I bought the full version.
    I just made a test CD with the Brainsound Studio including Audiostrobe. Audiostrobe is correctly captured in the WAV recording, the CD then runs flawlessly with light signals via (for instance) Synergizer.
    I think it then runs equally well with Mindworkstation and Neuroprogrammer.
    So: Install the trials and reset them every now and then. You will have for 15 days a full functioning program.
    The generated sessions can not be saved, but recorded with recording software and used permanently. Recommendation: soundtap recorder from NCH software, very simple, but sufficient and stable. Or Audacity or also GiliSoft Audio Recorder or i-sound-recorder from abyssmedia,
    Good luck.

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    Why would you need both VST's. Don't they each accomplish the same thing?
    I'm thinking about getting one to use in Reaper.

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    I was really hoping that as the years went by someone would crack Neuroprogrammer3 and we would have a way to at least play the .nps files. I remembered that I exported a session to an audio file whilst I was still able to use the program. It's the only one I have, since that's pretty much all I used this for. It's Mood Support for Persistent Depression.

    Here it is for anyone in need of it:

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    I think we've beaten this dead horse enough. Transparent has been gone for YEARS. Time to close this thread.

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