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Thread: Use a Kasina LED strip to make a Proteus sleep mask?

  1. Default Use a Kasina LED strip to make a Proteus sleep mask?

    I'd love to make a sleep mask for my Proteus. I was thinking of something like the one in this post:

    The problem is that MindPlace only sells LED strips for the Kasina. Can the Kasina LED strip be adapted for use with the Proteus? What would happen if I just plugged the Kasina strip into the Proteus? No lights at all? Red and green lights like normal Proteus glasses? Or something else?

    The Kasina LED strip has LEDs in 3 different colors and uses a cable with 4 wires. The Proteus glasses have LEDs in 2 different colors and uses a cable with 3 wires. So there's a difference to contend with. Of course, I'm not expecting to get all 3 colors to light up when the Proteus is only sending out signals for 2 colors.

    Would the 4-wire Kasina plug even sit properly in the 3-wire Proteus jack? If not, I thought I might replace the cable with a spare 3.5mm audio cable.

    Before I get a strip and start experimenting, I thought I'd ask if anyone has tried this. Or if I'm missing something and this project is hopeless.

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    Default Re: Use a Kasina LED strip to make a Proteus sleep mask?

    Hi pixeldust!

    The wiring for the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina are different because of the increased capabilities of each device.
    The Proteus has only 2 color channels, so it only needs 3 wires (Channel 1, Channel 2, and Common OR in the case of the standard Ganzframes: Red/Green/Common). This means a regular stereo headphone plug will work for this.
    The Procyon has 3 color channels, so it needs 4 wires, Channels 1-3 and Common (or Red/Green/Blue/Common).
    The Kasina has 6 color channels, but is using multiplexing to run 6 channels on 4 wires. In reality, the Left channel is opposite polarity to the right channel, so it doubles the outputs that way.

    So, a standard-wired Procyon or Kasina Ganzframe or lightstrip will not work properly with the Proteus directly. I would need to be re-wired, and I don't know that this would be an easy task.
    I think a MUCH simpler and easier solution would be to purchase another set of Proteus Ganzframes, and take them apart to gently remove the LED strips from them. Then they would be wired correctly.
    If you send an e-mail to, you may find that they have some broken frame Ganzframes that they may be able to let go for a reduced cost.

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  3. Default Re: Use a Kasina LED strip to make a Proteus sleep mask?

    Thanks for such a detailed response! You've saved me a lot of frustration and wasted effort. I like your idea about using another pair of Proteus Ganzframes, it seems like the easiest solution.

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