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    I just received my Proteus. It came with a sample CD of music, which I like much better than the preprogrammed sessions that are on the device. How can I upload the content of the sample CD to the device? please provide step by step instructions. I would really appreciate it.

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    Hi Saralee;

    Congratulations on your purchase. Unfortunately, the Proteus does not have that capability. Only our Kasina model has the ability to directly play music files from it's storage.

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    Hi, Saralee--

    You can play the Audiostrobe Sampler CD through your Proteus, and have it control the lights. Just select AS mode via the middle button, connect your audio player to the AUX input, and press 'play'.

    You can rip this CD into your iTunes etc. If you do, please set your import settings to MP3, 320 kbs (best resolution), CD sample rate (44.1 kHz).

    I hope you enjoy the sampler!


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