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Thread: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

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    Default Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    I have used the Kasina now for about a week, and I find it very interresting, I seem to have got better concentration. Also I noticed moments waking up and having visuals like clouds, and when reaching to get the machine I can experience some flicker. Not least my recent entheogen meditation had a theme simulating the Kasinas patterns and sounds, like my body and mind were this machine itself, just much more powerful.

    I find it all very interresting and inspiring in a nice way, but I must say that I sometimes question if this mind machine thing is natual and if it will not mess with the human mind and body in the long run.

    Friends who try my Kasina seem to wonder why all this flickering light, they expect a calm experience with easy visuals.
    Could it induce unnatural machine patterns to the system? Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    Actuallly expected some reply. But, I can just reply myself after using the Kasina for another couple of weeks about an hour to two a day. Much less strange visual aftereffects, though it was interresting. Only strange ringing in my ears shortly after some sessions.

    Still seem a bit artificial with flickering and odd space ship sounds. I understand that the pulsations are neccesary to entrain the brain for more easily entering states of alpha, beta, theta etc.

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    Default Re: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    The flickering is what makes it work. Without that there would be no entrainment.

    If your ears are ringing afterwards, maybe you have it up too loud? Try running it at a lower volume.


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    Default Re: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    Thanks for theresponse. Just been through a KBS with a lot of dub dub dub which use to make some kind of ringing aftereffect, and still does at low wolume, but feels good like some kind of massage.

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    Default Re: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    Hello, Joerge - Very good question! During the decades that we've been making and selling mind machines, we have had no negative feedback about long term use, while quite a few people report positive changes over time. And as Andy pointed out, the flickering light does the 'heavy lifting', while activation via binaural beats and isochronic tones is a minor component, serving in part to help block out the distractions of external sounds.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you could open any KBS session in the KBS Editor, and modify it--for example, if you like a session but not the isochronic tones, you can change those to binaural beats if you'd like. Or you could enjoy just the glasses, and listen to your favorite music without plugging into the Kasina.


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    Default Re: Persisting flicker - is it natual for the brain?

    Thanks Robert
    Interresting, because I thought the lightshow was secondary. The KBS are the old Sirius sessions converted, as I understand. They seem primitive to me, but good for using with advanced mantra meditation, since they are more neutral and do not distract, just seem to entrain the mind and keeping that monkey quiet...

    It seems I do not meditate without the Kasina anymore. Though I still prefer my weekly entheogenic journey in total isolation. I use the Kasina for hours a day, and that may be too much resting time, since I wake up too early. But then I tried using it to get to sleep and it sure put me in that mode, and then some lucid dreaming. Not a bad thing to get more into.
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