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    My main intentions are to listen to the Kasina sounds either with the deepvision goggles and the Kasina, or by listening to the Kasina mp3 tracks on my PC without the vision component. Normally, I would do the latter while reading online newspapers or while playing PC games(with the PC-game sounds mostly turned off 95-99% of the time). However, if I were to, say, play youtube heavy-metal music songs in the background while also listening to the Kasina/Sirius sessions, how would the former music alter the beneficial brainwave effects of the latter, if at all? I presume that listening to Baroque music would create less interference, and that the sound-volume of the music was also key as to whether the Kasina/Sirius sessions worked or not? I notice that Neuroprogrammer 3 and Mindworkstation allow background music to be played, and that it seems even beneficial in that it prevents the brain from becoming habituated to the music, but I am curious as to the extra details. Thanks!

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    You would want the music's beat to follow the frequencies of the entrainment. That is what is done with the sessions that are created for the Kasina.
    Using random music would negate most of the useful entrainment frequencies.

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    I see, I will stop listening to music while doing BWE, then. Thanks.

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    Most research points to photic stimulation being much more powerful than the auditory stimulation (actually, I'm not even aware of really convincing double-blind studies that show purely auditory stimulation to be effective - but happy if you guys came across something in this area and could point me to it).

    So to get the best entrainment effect, you should include the visual channel. But everybody is different - just experiment and find out what works best for you.

    That said, if heavy metal puts you in the state that feels good for the activity you're pursuing, there's probably not even a need for further auditory entrainment - heavy metal may just be all the entrainment you need for that task :-)

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    Quick post scriptum regarding auditory stimulation and entrainment effects: I found this on the web which summarises several research papers. Looks like binaural beats do NOT entrain, but may have a dissociating and hypnotic effect. Isochronic tones though seem to work well for entrainment.

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