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Thread: 40Hz gamma Blue LED sessions for Alzheimers?

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    The exciting bit is that gamma oscillations might be therapeutic. The brain has some natural states in which these can be induced, including movement and exercise. The current research suggests that the light is only affecting visual cortex in the environmental lighting paradigm. Of course, the earlier comments are correct also that humans might react differently and not entrain gamma oscillations (even in visual cortex) through gamma light flickering.

    Alzheimer's disease lacks effective therapy, therefore it's reasonable that people are seeking low-risk alternatives and willing to "take a shot" on coconut oil or gamma light therapy. One of the easiest ways to try this out is to follow this tutorial How to Build a Gamma 40 Hz LED Dimmer.

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    Hello, all--I've uploaded a Kasina SpectraStrobe 40 Hz, 20 minute session to our soundcloud account: No audio entrainment as I find that irritating at higher frequencies. This is a plain vanilla session with an ambient background, courtesy Mind Workstation. I will most likely work as well on AudioStrobe decoders, in case you don't have a Kasina.



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    Hi Robert,

    Do you talk about "SS Gamma with ambience" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
    Well, after writing my previous message, I have found a way to produce a pure 40hz tone with the Kasina ( or any other flat tone frequency with no binaural or isochronic beat, for that matter) with the Kasina Session Editor, by creating a 40 hz binaural beat, and then modifying the right frequency in each segment back to 40Hz to match the left pitch, either in the Editor or Grid tab. Anyway I prefer the 80Hz tone carrying a 40 Hz isochronic tone I have put in my Gamma-40 session.
    Would you be willing to upload a kbs with pure 40hz synced exactly with 40hz light for 60 min? I want to get as close to exact as possible to the 40hz light and sound study done on mice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neuro-Surfer View Post
    We may need to curb our enthusiasm a bit :-/

    Seems like evoking gamma-modulations in humans EEG is less accessible:

    but maybe someone can test this with the gamma session provided in this thread? i know scott did some eeg readings with other sessions and it was evident that there was a frequency-specific response in some bands.
    On the other hand, this study
    Found that humans did respond to flickering lights up to at least 100 Hz. Here's a quote from that article, "We performed an experiment, where ten human subjects were presented flickering light at frequencies from 1 to 100 Hz in 1-Hz steps. The event-related potentials exhibited steady-state oscillations at all frequencies up to at least 90 Hz. Interestingly, the steady-state potentials exhibited clear resonance phenomena around 10, 20, 40 and 80 Hz."

    Maybe it has something to do with the way that the flickering light was generated in the experiments? I would like to read the full article that found that gamma-range visual simulation didn't work in humans to compare it with the MIT experiment, but I don't want to pay the exorbitant price that the publisher charges. In any case, the researchers who did the original Alzheimer's study at MIT later found that 40 Hz audio signals also work on Alzheimer's mice, so there is hope even if 40 Hz flickering light doesn't work on humans.

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    TV and computer screens flash at 60 Hz.

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