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Thread: Creating a simple EMDR session for KASINA

  1. Default Creating a simple EMDR session for KASINA

    I want to create a simple EMDR session for use with the KASINA. I do have the DAVID TruVu glasses so I will be able to activate LEDs in the left and right visual field, respectively (as opposed to simply activating the left and right eyes which would not stimulate the distinct hemispheres - each eye transmits signals to both hemispheres).

    Can I create such a session via the KASINA Basic Editor? The only requirement would be that the lights flash in the left visual field for half a second, then in the right visual field for half a second.

    I was also looking into the Transparent Corp. products but it seems they are not being maintained actively at this point - there seem to be few updates in recent years so not sure the investment would be worth-while...

    Thank you and best regards

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    automatic EMDR does't work very well. Based on eyes movement, as a practitioner you must follow the eyes movement of your patient. Why ? because you can see some nystagmus ou roll-up (or lateral jumps of the eyes) corresponding to strong emotional disorders. In this cas, you will have to stop, speak with the patient and focus on the specific eye movement...
    Audio or kinestesic EMDR exist too, but are less effective.
    Finally, never forgive an, EMDR session creates a dissociative mental state. It could be dangerous to practicing it alone.

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    Thank you for your comments. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and have already accumulated some experience with visual, audio and kinaesthetic forms of bifocal stimulation like EMDR. I'd even say the dissociation is the objective in these techniques - dissociating you from the "problem trance state" that you're in. Much of hypnotherapy is based upon this premise (and also, of course, vulgarised in NLP later: associating with the positive memories/states, dissociating from the negative ones).

    So thank you for your comments, appreciated - hopefully, someone can still point me to how a suitable session could be easily programmed for the Kasina :-)

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    I'm a psychologist and EMDR practitionner
    Personnaly, I prefere using my hands rather than an automatic tool in therapy.

    Good luck in your search of session programming, I'm on the same way actually (I've just received my Kasina some days ago)

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    I completely agree to not doing this without having worked on potential deep underlying issues with a professional upfront. I've experienced emotional melt-downs myself as a client and also seen it happen with my own clients during EMDR-type work. It's wonderful if the upcoming material and emotional impact can be contained by an experienced professional. Interestingly, this never happened when I was working on my own - it seems the subconscious has a clear idea on what kind of content is "safe" for a specific setting ;-)

    My interest here is more the idea of experimenting on my own, focussing on a couple of issues that I am already aware of. You can't really do the hand-waiving for yourself ;-) And while some kinaesthetic tapping techniques do work well as self-helf, I was curious whether the mind-machine could be leveraged here as well - it's just my preferred channel, being a visual type of person..

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